Dear customer,

I'd like to thank you for 20 years of wonderful cooperation. Developing and manufacturing these products, worldwide contacts and friendships made this epoque to one of the best in my life!

Starting this year, the Schlumpf gears will be manufactured in Germany by

Haberstock Mobility GmbH.

Haberstock Mobility will guarantee for the same high level of quality and support.

Schlumpf Fahrradgetriebe_ab 2012 werde die Getriebe in Deutschland bei der Firma Haberstock-Mobility GmbH montiert und produziert

Image: Rolf Haberstock (left) und Florian Schlumpf (right)

If you have questions related to Schlumpf gearing systems, please consult the very detailled


For orders and inquiries related to prices, quotes, delivery and shipping please contact
Haberstock Mobility GmbH.



Haberstock Mobility GmbH: info (at)

schlumpf innovations gmbh: support (at)


schlumpf innovations gmbh intensifies in the next years research and development and worldwide marketing of its revolutionary water pumping system, called Hydraulic Ram. This is a water pump, which is able to pump up water to an elevation of up to 1'500 feet without any other energy than just water.

Would be a pleasure to meet you in any part of the world again one day!


Florian Schlumpf